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The main purpose of our company is; To increase the work efficiency of the technician in modern car body repair, to provide the technician to complete the repair in a shorter time and to focus on increasing its efficiency with the practical trainings we provide. Today, we cooperate with automobile manufacturers, insurance companies and colleagues to announce that repair is possible with PDR alternative repair techniques in car body repair.

• PDR - What is unpainted dent correction? Why is it necessary, what are the advantages?
• Which types of damage are corrected by the PDR technique? Damage analysis and time calculation
• Light education, mistakes in light contrast
• Repair techniques of soft and small damages and introduction of equipment to be used
• In soft damage, applied repair techniques with MAGNETIC WRONG and FULL CORRECTION device without removing the lower floor part of the part.
• Presentation of equipment to be used with medium-sized damages and repair techniques
• The effects that will occur in the part during the repair phase and at the end of the repair with hot silicone wax
• Repair techniques with PDR Vascular Pen
• Description of equipment to be used with long, sharp, heavy-scale damage and repair techniques
• PDR crowbar-skewer holding techniques
• Heavy damage repair techniques applied with PDR crowbar-skewers
• Heavy damage repair techniques and applications with Dentliner bridge system
• Repair and application of all kinds of damages with PDR LED LIGHT, MAGNETIC WASTE AND FULL CORRECTION DEVICE, PDR skewers and hot silicone wax technique.


The tools we carefully select are our own production and all the equipment you need should be available as a package with training. The product we recommend with the training is our Dent Repair Set consisting of 322 Pieces.

For unpainted denture correction application, firstly a professional training is essential. Unpainted dentistry education main topics;
- What is unpainted dent correction?
- The advantages of unpainted dent correction,
- Different application methods in unpainted dent applications
- Remuneration for unpainted dent repair
- etc.
Many topics are covered in our unpainted dentures training on topics. After the training, trainees must practice unpainted dentures for 1 month,

At the end of the course, successful trainees are given a Training certificate.

Our Unpainted Dent Repair Training incude;
- Hotel Accommodation
- Breakfast
- Lunch
- Departure and Arrival

You can obtain dent repair equipment from our company ...

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